The board is elected by the Annual General Meeting based on a proposal by the Election Committee.

9 enthusiastic members, who invest their time and energy free of charge for the association.

The board meets three times a year.

Composition of the board of directors for April 2024 to April 2025:


Jan E. Frydman

Vice Chairman and Treasurer:

Dominique Faymonville

Vice Chairman:

Amandine Pekel

Webmaster and Communications:

Ines Godderis


Lars-Olof Hollner

Membership records:

Michaël Verbraeken

Board Members:

Joris Grouwels, Ferdinando Palmeri, Ylva Tivéus



Ulla-Britt Roslund, Birgitta Laurent

Election Committee:

Emil Ems, Cindy Adriaens