Our board members are constantly looking for events with a Belgian touch that can be organized. All suggestions or initiatives are welcome! Please message us via the contact page. The events are exclusive for our association, and all our members receive a personal invitation via email to each of the activities.

Events calendar for 2024

Here you can find the preliminary calendar for 2024. Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have an idea for an activity! Our board is constantly working on the agenda for 2024.

  • After work drink with fries and Belgian beer, at Pom Friterie (Stockholm), 16 January, 17:30
  • Valentine’s competition on SBA Facebook and Instagram, 5 – 8 February (online)
  • Francophonie Month conference “Le sport qui nous rassemble?”, 13 March at 12:00 (Stockholms Universitet).
  • Webinar “Alla är vi Valloner” by Peter Sjölund, 17 March at 19:30 (online)
  • Annual General Meeting with Ambassadors H.E. Carl Peeters and H.E. Annika Molin Hellgren, 12 April (Sällskapet, Stockholm)
  • Lunch seminar on EU elections, 8 May (Odd Fellows, Stockholm)
  • Summer picknick, 5 June (Stockholm). Send us a mail at [email protected] to join!
  • Online summer quiz, July – August (online)
  • Event on AI at KTH, August (date TBC, Stockholm)
  • Soirée moules-frites | Mosselavond, September (date TBC, Stockholm)
  • Seminar on the Belgian elections and political landscape, September (date TBC, Stockholm)
  • SBA 90th Anniversary Gala, 17 October (Stockholm). Click here to register your interest!
  • After work drink, November (date TBC, Stockholm)
  • Sinterklaasfeestje | Fête de Saint-Nicolas, December (date TBC, Stockholm)

Past events from 2023

  • Luncheon with Jan Eliasson, former Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs, 21 February, 12:00 (Stockholm)
  • In collab with Daniel Verstappen, Concert DV productions, 21 February, 19:30 (Stockholm)
  • In collab with Daniel Verstappen, Concert DV productions, 23 February, 19:30 (Norrköping)
  • AGM, 25 April, 12:00 (Stockholm)
  • Luncheon with Magnus Robach, former Swedish Ambassador to Belgium and Japan, 24 May, 12:00 (Stockholm)
  • Dance performance by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, 31 August, 19:00 (Stockholm)
  • After work drinks, 20 September, 17:00 (Stockholm)
  • Luncheon with Cecilia Malmström, Former European Commissioner for Trade, 24 September, 12:00 (Göteborg)
  • Luncheon with Christian Danielsson, State Secretary to the Minister for EU Affairs, 10 October, 11:30 (Stockholm)
  • Moules-Frites evening, 30 November, 18:00 21:00 (Stockholm).
  • Sinterklaas / Saint Nicolas, 3 December, 14:00 – 16:00 (Stockholm).

See our Facebook page for more details and updated info.

Past Events from 2022 (8 Events) :

  • SBA Business Club, Speaker Nico Delvaux, CEO of Assa Abloy, 12 April 2022 at Sällskapet, Stockholm
  • Yearly Moules/Frites, 20 April 18h30 at Waza Restaurant and Brewery, Stockholm
  • AGM Luncheon, speaker Belgian Ambassador Carl Peeters, 24 May Stockholm
  • The role of municipalities and regions and their responsibilities within the Swedish welfare, Dominique Faymonville, 1 June Stockholm
  • Visit to the Royal Stables in Stockholm with General Mertil Melin, Sunday 23rd October at 14:15 hours
  • Luncheon with AMBASSADOR LARS-ERIK LUNDIN – Member of Kungliga Krigsvetenskaps akademien, Wednesday 9 November at 12:00 hours
  • Arrival of St. Nicholas/Sinterklaas, Sunday 4 December at 14:00 Hours
  • Guided visit to Moderna Museet Stockholm, Tuesday 6 December at 18:00 hours


PAST EVENTS from – 2021 (5 events, restricted because of the pandemic) :

  • Webinar organized by the SBA Business Club with Mr. Staffan Jeppsson, 24 March
  • Swedish Tax Declaration, Webinar by Söderberg & Partners, 15 April
  • AGM via webinar with Ambassador of Belgium to Sweden Hugo Brouwers and Ambassador of Sweden to Belgium Annika Hahn-Englund, 18 May
  • Midsummer Competition, online raffle for all SBA members, June
  • Arrival of St. Nicholas/Sinterklaas, Sunday 5th of December 14h-16h, BELGOBAREN BACKFICKAN

PAST EVENTS from 2020 (7 events, restricted because of the pandemic) :

Due to COVID-19 we had to rearrange the planned events for 2020. Some had to be cancelled, but we managed to arrange the following seven activities:

  • SBA BUSINESS CLUB: Ronnie Leten, Thursday 23 January, 16h45 – 19h, Stockholm School of Economics Sveavägen
  • Luncheon with Andreas Norlen, Tuesday 4th of February, Sällskapet, 12h00 noon
  • Guided tour in the apartment of Astrid Lindgren in Stockholm (Vasastan), 11 March, 18h-19h
  • AGM via mail to all members, August
  • SBA BUSINESS CLUB digital event ‘Cybersecurity is everyone’s business, especially in these COVID-19 times’ by Jean-Francois Gobin
  • Digital Meet and Greet with Sinterklaas for all Belgian children in Sweden, 6 December, 14h-16h
  • SBA BUSINESS CLUB digital event ‘Facing COVID-19 in Belgium and Sweden: a cultural perspective’ by Fons Trompenaars, 10 December, 15h-16h

PAST EVENTS from 2019 (14 events) :

  • Visit to the National Museum in Stockholm (building), Thursday 24th of January 18h30
  • Visit to the National Museum in Stockholm, (art collection), Thursday 7th of February 18h30
  • Bälsh, Wednesday 13th of february
  • AGM, 4th of April 11h30 – 14h , Sällskapet
  • Uppsala Blåsarsymfoniker organizes concert with renowned Belgian composer and conductor Jan Van Der Roost, 19th of May at 18h, Missionskyrkan – Uppsala
  • Private visit to the Europa house in Stockholm & lunch with Katarina Areskoug Mascarenhas (Head of the European Commission’s representation in Sweden), 24th of May at 12h NOON
  • The Swedish Arts Council organizes : Alma Prize award (Prize in Litterature in Memory of Astrid Lindgren, the world’s largest award for children’s and young adult literature and amounts to SEK 5 million) ceremony for Belgian author Bart Moeyaert, 27th of May
  • Choeur de Chambre de Namur organizes : concert at the Stockholm Early Music Festival, Friday 7th of June 20h30 at the German Church in Gamla Stan Stockholm
  • Visit to Atlas Copco mine in Nacka, Saturday 24th of August
  • Yearly moules/frites dinner evening, Wednesday 18th September at 18h30 in Belgobaren. Reservation required.
  • Luncheon with Cecilia Malmström, Thursday 3rd of October at 12 NOON
  • Belgoklubben organizes their yearly beer-cruise, October 17-18 Thursday – Friday, 18-19 Friday – Saturday
  • Arrival of St. Nicholas/Sinterklaas, Sunday 1st of December.

A glimpse of our events of 2018 and before :

  • Worldcup footbal
  • Taste of Belgium event
  • Intercultural seminar, 
  • Belgiska ölkryssning (organized by Belgoklubben)
  • Mingling at a Belgian interior showroom in Stockholm 
  • Arrival of St. Nicholas/Sinterklaas 
  • Guided tour at Livrustkammaren, Isabelle de Borchgrave
  • Seminar by A. Hovemyr, The Swedish business culture in a Belgian perspective
  • Movie afternoon at Zita Folkets Bio in Stockholm, premiere of ‘Cloudboy’ a Belgian/swedish family movie production
  • Sponsoring of Sinterklaas feest / fete Saint Nicolas, in cooperation with the Belgian Embassy
  • Mingling at a Belgian interior showroom in Stockholm
  • Family picnic at Winterviken
  • Visit to Tekniska Museet ‘Digital revolution’
  • Yearly moules/frites dinner evening, at Belgobaren
  • Guided tour to the Dutch Embassy in Stockholm
  • Sponsoring of Sinterklaas feest / fete Saint Nicolas, in cooperation with the Belgian Embassy
  • Wallon week, Uppland
  • Mingling at a Belgian interior showroom in Stockholm
  • Dinner with Carl-Jan Granqvist, Vinkallaren Grappa
  • Visit to Artepelag, tour and lunch
  • Luncheons:
    Mark Evans
    Ronnie Leten
    Annika Rembe
    Mikael Holmstrom
    Niklas Kebborn
    Goran Persson
    Viveka Adelsward
    Daniel Firth
    Yves Leterme
    Stefan Gullgren
    Rickard Gustafson
    Allan Larsson
    Annika Hahn-Englund
    Leif Ostling
    Marcus Wallenberg
    Dr. Peter Santesson
    Ambassador Ulrika Sundberg